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"The fiercest storm in 5 years"

A fierce storm is estimated to hit California with soaking rain, substantial snow, beating surf and strong winds through Friday. The National Weather Service said the blast is "relied upon to be one of the strongest storms regarding wind and downpour" since storms in October 2009 and January 2008. In Northern California, where the downpour was relied upon to hit in the first place, authorities in San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County said schools would be shut Thursday as a result of expected substantial rain and winds. Southern California saw dull mists move in Wednesday evening. Los Angeles County authorities shut a couple of principle streets around Castaic Lake, a state diversion region in mountains north of Santa Clarita, in suspicion of mud stream. A framework powered by the "Pineapple Express" is conveying a relentless stream of dampness specifically from Hawaii to the West Coast beginning Wednesday. Meteorologists portray the Pineapple Express as a long, tight tuft that pipes dampness from the tropics into the western United States.

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The storm is required to arrive Wednesday and pelt the area through Thursday. It could overpower conduits and roadway waste frameworks, perhaps prompting glimmer flooding.
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Preparedness Guide

What can you do to prepare? Stock up on flashlights & batteries, & food. The power may go out, so charge your computers & cell phones beforehand. Check out this article from the SF Gate .

What causes storms?

Pockets of climbing close surface air in a shaky air mass grow and cool, and as a portion of the water vapor present consolidates into a cloud it discharges heat, which then makes the air bundle considerably hotter, driving it to climb still higher in the climate. Learn more at